"6 Figure Marketer Risks Everything By Breaking The Code Of Silence And Takes You Step-By-Step On Your Journey To Your Own Six Figure Resale Rights Business..."

... I'm tearing back the curtain and blowing the whistle on making money online as you know it. I'm going to give you the easiest step-by-step money getting system that will allow you in 3 weeks from right now to know everything you need to know to create a $100,000+ a year business online, and I'll even personally help you build it!


Save $700! Special Launch Discount Ends In....

Dear Future Resale Rights Biz Owner,

Hi there! I'm Liz Tomey and for over a decade I've been making an incredible income with resale rights products, and in the next few minutes I want to share with you exactly how I've done it. It's hands down the easiest business model out there, and literally ANYONE... no matter their experience... can do it if you follow what I teach you!

So first let's talk about what resale rights products are...

Simply put, they are digital products you can easily create (either you create them or use readily available pre-made content like PLR products) and then sell the rights to them to other people who can sell them and then they keep all the money.

For example: You create an ebook on blogging. You can then take that ebook and sell the rights to it to another person who will take it, sell it as their own, and keep all the money. And like I said, the cool thing is you can repurpose content that's already out there!

I have done this over and over again and this has allowed me to create an amazing six figure resale rights business that allows me to make the money I need to stay at home and work (or anywhere else I want to work), be able to pay my bills, be able to buy the things in life I WANT, travel to really cool places, and so much more.

All by creating these easy little resale rights products.

But it doesn't stop there...

Oh But That's Not Where The Money Ends...

And here's a big money maker in this online business... I've also used these resale rights products to create a recurring income with my own resale rights membership site!

Whenever I create a new resale rights product I put it into my membership site that I've had up to 600 people paying me $19.95 monthly for! That's $11,970 each and every month...


There's a huge demand for resale rights products, and I'd LOVE to be able to teach you how to create them and sell them to others along with showing you how to create your own resale rights membership site so you can build a recurring income too!

Once you see exactly how I create these resale rights products you're going to be floored with how easy it is, and once you see how many people are out there dying to get more products that they can sell you're going to be floored with how much money you make!

And the income doesn't stop there. There's even more ways to make-money with you resale rights business too that I want to share with you. There's more recurring income options, there's also affiliate marketing you can do with in it, and more!

Yep! So many great ways to make money ALL in one online business model! See why I love this business model?

But first...

The Brutal Truth About Having ANY Online Business...

Now although this does take SOME work, it's incredibly profitable and gives you a REAL online business!

Look, I know you've probably been told you can click just a few buttons and money will spew out of your computer, but I want you to think about that...

Do you REALLY think that's how it works?

Of course not!

Just like with any business, you have to build it and grow it!

If you're not willing to work to build an online business then having an online business is not for you!

I know that's harsh and blunt, but I don't want to see you wasting your time if you don't have what it takes...

But if you ARE willing to work to have an online business I know it can be a struggle.

It's really hard and time consuming when you don't know how and don't have anyone to help you though!

Day after day you sit at your computer and do this and that, but nothing ever really comes together and you still don't make any money and you still don't have a REAL business up and going.

I get it... I've been there and done that. Before I got my online business started I was struggling big time.

I was about to lose my house, my vehicles, the electricity was about to be shut off and the debt was insane!

Building an online business totally saved my butt and has allowed me to have the money I need to always pay my bills, stay home with my kids while giving them everything they need, travel all around the world, and so much more!

Imagine if you had your own resale rights business like I was just talking about above that made you the money you needed to have the "life freedom" you've been dreaming of?

And imagine if you not only knew EXACTLY how to set it all up and make everything make you money, but had someone to truly hold your hand and help you through the whole entire process.

Someone to show you how to do it ALL from A-Z...

All the way from building the "solid foundation" of your business to showing you all the different ways to make money with it.

Imagine that it's just weeks from right now and you have an entire business setup that makes you money in many different ways. Ways that you CHOOSE and that fit your skills and abilities?

Wouldn't you jump at the chance to have a resale rights business like mine that continually pumps out the money you need to LIVE the life you truly want?

Well then I've got the opportunity of a lifetime for you!

I want to become your personal coach to help you create your own six figure resale rights business just like I have!

I want to take you behind the scenes of my business and show you exactly how to build your resale rights business, and how to profit with it in as many ways as you want!

If you're ready to truly have a REAL online business then pay close attention because I'm about to offer you an amazing opportunity to come work with me personally (not someone who works for me or that I outsource to) so you CAN have your own six figure resale rights business!

Introducing The Six Figure Reseller Academy Live Coaching Program...

In this live class I'm going to be taking you directly inside my business and allow you to watch me build an entire resale rights business from scratch! This way you can follow along with me and do the exact same thing for your own six figure resale rights business!

For 3 weeks you will be able to meet with me live via my webinar classroom and watch as I not only build a resale rights business from scratch, but help you to do it right there with me. And don't worry if you can't make the live classes. Each will be recorded so you can watch later and as many times as you want!

Every aspect of building a resale rights business AND all the different income streams you can use to make money with your resale rights business will be revealed to you during this live coaching program.

Here's what I will be showing you:

Lesson 1: Creating Your First Resale Rights Product

In this lesson I’ll be showing you a super easy way to create your first resale rights product using PLR (private label  rights) content you already have or that you can get super cheap! By learning how to do this you’ll have something you can take and immediately sell to others who need their own products!

Once you've completed this lesson you'll have your very first resale rights product that you can start making money with! We're coming out of the gate on day 1 with something that makes us money! Boom!

Lesson 2: Creating our First Resale Rights Package

In this lesson I’ll show you how to create multiple resale rights products to create your first package of resale rights products that you can sell. Once you have your first resales rights package you can then start the launch process which will give you a huge payday, build your list, and so much more!

Once you've gone through this lesson you'll have a complete resale rights package that's going to set you up for success and having you on the path to the BIG money!

Lesson 3: Adding Passive Income Stream #1 To Your Resale Rights Business

In this lesson I’ll really blow you away! I’ll be showing you how to create an upsell for your resale rights package that will not only make you even MORE money, but will also add a PASSIVE recurring income stream to your business that will allow you to profit for YEARS to come.

For over a decade I’ve made $1500-$2000 each and every month with this tactic, and I don’t have to do ANYTHING to keep the money coming in! Once you’ve gotten through this lesson you’ll be able to do the exact same thing!

Lesson 4: Creating Your First Funnel For Your Resale Rights Business

In this lesson I’ll show you how to create a sales system for your resale rights package and upsell so that you can begin selling it! The techy stuff holds so many people back and in this lesson I’ll show you how to create your sales letters, download pages, hook them all up correctly with your order button and autoresponder, and more! Once you’ve completed this lesson you’ll have a full blown funnel ready to make you money in many different ways!

Note: When you have you resale rights package ready to go I’ll help you launch it, AND promote it to my list for you! This is the quickest way to get money coming in right away!

Lesson 5: How To Launch Your Resale Rights Business For A Massive Pay Day!

In this lesson I’ll walk you through how to do your first launch for your resale rights package. This is where the big money comes in, and you’ll be able to watch me as I do a complete launch live in front of you where I’ll have a goal to make $20,000 in just one week!

With this knowledge and know how you’ll be able to do your own launch, make your own big pay check, and have a list of buyers you can profit from over and over again!

And remember when you go to do your launch I'll be there to help you and launch it with you to my list!

Lesson 6: Creating Your Own Resale Rights Membership Site

In this lesson we’re going to bring in another income stream and I’ll show you how to create your very own resale rights membership site! I’ll show you everything from A-Z (including all the techy stuff), so that you can create something that pays you month after month!

You’ll be able to watch me live as I build this membership site from scratch, and then launch it to build a recurring income!

Finally you'll be able to build your OWN membership site so you can make money month after month!

Lesson 7: How To Run Your Resale Rights Business Each Day

By the time you get to this lesson you will have launched your first resale rights package for your big payday and have a membership site up and running making you money each and every month. So in this lesson we will focus on how to keep your business running from day to day and continually making you money. We’ll also cover how to incorporate affiliate marketing into your business to add yet ANOTHER income stream!

By the time you get done with this lesson you’ll know what to do each day to keep your resale rights business running and making you money each and every day!

Lesson 8: Outsourcing Your Resale Rights Business

In this lesson we’re going to focus on the parts of your resale rights business that you can outsource. Once you have your business up and running there are many things that you can outsource. Things like resale rights product creation, services that you can offer, traffic, technical “stuff”, and more.

By outsourcing you can free up more time and use it to do other things in your business that makes you money and/or to be able to have more time to enjoy life!

Once you’ve gone through this lesson you’ll see everything I outsource in my resale rights business, so that you can do the same thing!

Lesson 9: Getting Daily Traffic Into Your Resale Rights Businesses

In this lesson we will focus on everything related to getting traffic into your resale rights business on a daily basis. If you don’t have traffic you can’t make money. Plain and simple!

What you’ll learn in this lesson will allow you to get traffic daily, so you can keep pumping the profits out of your resale rights business! I'll be covering both free and paid ways to get traffic and detailing everything I know!

Lesson 10: The Wrap Up

In this lesson we will wrap things up with a bang! I’ll show you how to rinse and repeat this system over and over for ongoing profits. Not only that, but I’ll show you how to continue selling as many resale rights packages as you can possibly create and do it all on autopilot. This is where the HUGE money is!

Once you complete this lesson you’ll have a complete online business that you’ll be able to run and profit from for years to come! You’ll know how to take this system to the next level and blow it up into a HUGE income. This will be your complete business model! And the best thing about it all is that you can do this from anywhere in the world. All you need is your computer and an Internet connection!

Yes! I'm Really Showing You How To Do All Of That!

As you can see I'm showing you how to build an entire resale rights business and leaving nothing out! I'll literally be building a complete resale rights business from scratch right before your eyes, and helping you to do the same thing for yourself!

But to ensure you succeed, you'll also get me as your coach for an additional year AFTER these live lessons are done. I won't be taking you to success and then leaving you.

(Note: The live lessons run for three weeks, but you'll have full access to the recordings in case you can't make it to the live lessons. The live class runs October 16th - November 3rd, 2017)

During your year additional of coaching with me, you'll get access to…

Resellers Academy Weekly

Template IconThese are weekly webinars where we will meet and I'll show you everything I've done in my resale rights business for the week that has made me money.

By seeing what I'm doing you can take my tactics, apply them to your own business, and make a ton of money. Not only that, but you'll have me there to answer any questions you have or help you through any problems you might have in your business.

By doing these weekly webinars I'm ensuring that you can succeed with your own resale rights business because I'll be right there to help you!

Monthly Income Reports

Template IconEach month you'll also get my downloadable monthly income report. In this report I'll show you everything that made me money for the month. You'll see how I make money by doing things like launching resale rights packages, creating affiliate marketing campaigns, offering services to my subscribers, how much I've made from my membership site, and more.

These income reports will show you what's making the most money so that you can focus on them in YOUR own resale rights business to make the most money.

How Does The Live Coaching Program Work, Liz?

In this LIVE coaching program you'll meet with me each weekday from 8pm-11pm Eastern time starting on October 16th through November 3rd, 2017. Live classes are done via my webinar classroom where you'll be able to watch me as I teach each day's lessons and do as I'm doing until you have a complete resale rights business up and running making you money in as many ways as you want!

I will be doing everything WITH you live as I show you exactly what to do to create and make money with your resale rights business as I've described above.

This is truly a LIVE coaching program where you'll get to see me do everything and get any help you need straight from me.

Of course the class will be recorded for those who cannot attend live during these times, and you will have personal access to me to get any additional help that you'll need. I'm available via email, Facebook messenger, text, and phone!

If you need additional help after class I will also be around to personally help you. You have me completely dedicated to your success!

And remember you even get access to me for an entire year AFTER the live coaching program ends! I'm not going anywhere and I'm here to help you all the way through building and profiting with your resale rights business!

This Sounds Great, Liz! But, Why Should I Learn From You?

liznobgNow before you decide to enroll in the Six Figure Reseller Academy Live Coaching Program, you might be asking who the heck am I, and why am I qualified to teach you this system?

First of all my name is Liz Tomey and since 2004 I've run multiple online businesses in over 20 different niche markets. I've made money creating and selling digital products, creating and selling entire businesses, offering my consulting services (where I get paid $497 per hour), and many other different ways, but...

I was one of the first people to ever start selling products with rights way back in 2005-2006. That was over 10 years ago and my methods still work to this day! I pioneered this niche, and dozens upon dozens of other people followed me and now have their own successful online businesses.

Plain and simple...

I invented the game, and I can show you how to win it!

And most importantly...

What I teach YOU I actually use in my own business, so I 110% know it works!

Now with all of that said, you can see that I'm a "do'er" and I get results!

Now I want to help you become a "do'er" and get some serious results too... I want to take you by the hand and over the next 3 weeks help you to create your very own resale rights business that you can profit from in several different ways to build your own six figure business! This will be the beginning of you reaching your financial goals and the freedom of a lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

And just to sweeten the pot and really propel you forward I'm also throwing in ALL of this...

Get Even More Help With These Amazing Bonuses...

Now... Not only are you going to be able to attend the Six Figure Reseller Academy Live Coaching Program, get me as your personal coach for an entire year, get unlimited access to all the recordings of the coaching program, but I'm going even a step further to ensure your success with these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1: 2 - 15 Minute Save My Life Calls

saveyourlifecallsHave you ever gotten stuck on something and wished you could get in touch with someone to get the help you need? Well as one of my students you can!

If you get stuck on something or need to speak to me personally (yes you will be speaking to me and not someone I outsource to) just contact me and let me know and we can hop on the phone and I will help you with what you need help with.

I call these "Save My Life" calls because you'll have a real life line to me to help you when you need it the most. This is the "safety net" to your success!

$248.50 Value

Bonus #2: Coaching On Demand

videomarketingThis is another amazing way to ensure your success! I call it coaching on demand. If at any point you need extra videos or a teaching aid to help you understand something I'm teaching, you simply ask and I provide it.

This is literally coaching on demand! Whatever you need, you ask, and I give it to you!

You'll never be stuck or not know what to do!

$497 Value

Bonus #3: On Demand Email Help

emailsupportIf your "Save My Life" calls AND the "Coaching On Demand" aren't enough I'm also giving you 1 entire year of email access to me. If at anytime in 1 year you have questions about the system you're building and running simply send me an email, and I'll be right there to help you.

I'm offering this for one year because I'm not just going to be here through this live coaching program. I'm going to be here for as long as you need me as you build your business bigger and bigger!

$9997 Yearly Value

Whoa! That's $10,742.50 In JUST Bonuses!

Alright, Liz, I'm Ready To Join This Live Coaching Program And Create My Own Six Figure Resale Rights Business!

By taking action right now you'll be able to enroll in the Six Figure Reseller Academy Live Coaching Program and on October 16th, 2016 begin your journey to creating a full blown resale rights business with a ton of built in ways to make money!

If you follow what I'm teaching you, take action, come to me when you need help, and interact with other attendees you could be making money in just 3 weeks from right now!

The sky is the limit here...

Now usually this kind of program with all the coaching, group interaction, and one-on-one time with me would cost you at least $5000.

I charge $497 an hour for my time and it's taken me over 100 hours to just develop the teaching in this program for you. Not to mention the additional probably 100's of hours I'll put into you as we go through this challenge, so at $5000 it would be well wroth the investment.


I remember what it was like when I first got started online. There was no way I would have had that kind of cash to plop down, and I'm thinking you probably don't either.

So to ensure that as many people as possible can get in on this opportunity I've decided to NOT charge my hourly rate, and just give you a very affordable way to participate.

So, until October 15th at midnight Eastern time you can enroll in this live coaching program and get all the bonuses above for a one time (no monthly payments or extra charges) investment of just $297!

(Note: There is a payment plan option!)

Nope... I didn't leave out any 0's. ??

Yes! You can seriously enroll, go through the daily lessons, interact with me, and other attendees in the mastermind group, and get ALL the bonuses for just $297!

Your Success Is Guaranteed 100%...

Look… I’m going to take all the risk off of you here because you’ve probably bought courses or programs or whatever before and never got anywhere with them.

This is going to be a totally different experience for you because I’ve structured it as so that you actually USE what I’m teaching you and you’ll actually SUCCEED with it!

But if for some reason you put in the work and just can’t succeed, I’ll refund your money!

It’s that simple!

You show up, do the work, and if you don’t make any money I’ll eat all the time I put into you and give you back all of your money.

You just can’t get a better guarantee than that!

It's Time For You To Make Money Starting Now...

It's time for you to reach out to someone who has been there and done that. It's time for you to get the REAL help you need to succeed, and I want to be that person for you!

If you want to create a six figure resale rights business in the next 3 weeks, and then have me for an entire year there to help you build it bigger and bigger...

Get in here and let's do this!


Of course there's a but...

The one time $297 fee is for my readers only, and I can only allow 50 18 people into this program at one time, so if you want a spot you need to get it right now.

(Note: There is a payment plan option!)

Just click on the order button below and enroll today! I'll see you on the inside...

Save $700! Special Discount Ends In....

Yes, Liz! I'm ready to enroll in the Six Figure Reseller Academy Live Coaching Program and start building my own six figure resale rights business!

I understand I will get...

check1orangeAccess to all the LIVE daily coaching lessons (starting on October 16th, 2017 and ending on November 3rd, 2017) that will allow me to create my own six figure resale rights business in just 3 short weeks. I'll be shown exactly how to get my business setup and running and how to build in all the income streams to it, and have you, Liz, right behind me helping me the entire way.

check1orangeAccess to ALL the recordings of the live lessons in case I want to go over them again and/or if I'm unable to attend the live lessons on any given day. I'll have lifetime access to these!

check1orangeAccess to the Resale Rights Creators Mastermind Group where I'll be able to interact with YOU personally, Liz, and all the other attendees! This will help me even more with my success with building my resale rights business! This is a mastermind group for resale right sellers only, and I know we're all going to work together to build our own resale rights businesses.

check1orangeAccess to Liz's business resources (her list and network) to get the help I need in promoting and growing my business. With a powerhouse like Liz behind me I know I'll make money when my resale rights business is ready to go! (Yes! That means I'll promote for you when you put the work in!)

check1orangeAccess to all the personal coaching and help anytime I need it so that I can succeed with this coaching program and the creation of my six figure resale rights business!

check1orangeAccess to all the bonuses, one-on one coaching, weekly training webinars, and more to help me succeed! That's over $10,000 in JUST bonuses!

check1orangeAnd so so so much more!


I also understand that this is all backed by a 30 day money back guarantee so I know my investment in this live coaching program is absolutely risk free!

Count Me In, Liz!

Payment Option #1:
Onetime Payment Of $297

Payment Option #2:
3 Monthly Payments Of $99.97

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